Our Mission

published on 03 December 2021
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We love working on whiteboards because it gives us creative freedom. The only limit on a whiteboard is its physical borders. While most people use whiteboards to draw some sketches together in an office, we also used them to organize our projects on a Kanban board or a Scrum Wall. The great thing about having an analog whiteboard in the office is that you can grab a cup of coffee and have your daily meeting together in front of the whiteboard. You can and will talk about your work and your workflow on a daily basis. You can add policies by adding a sticky note, you can add new meta information by writing in a different color or placing flashcards in a certain formation next to each other. Every team is unique and so is their workflow. But when you look at the existing project management tools they all have good defaults but lack the option to easily customize them to your team's needs.  

This made us think. What if there was a digital whiteboard tool that also had some nifty helpers for the annoying project management tasks like Metrics, WIP Limits, etc.? And when the pandemic came we thought it was the right time to create the perfect tool for collaborative remote work in projects.

With Taggle we want to do exactly this. Taggle should have the look & feel of an analog whiteboard. It should be flexible and enforce communication. It should give users the chance to express their creativity to design every possible workflow. But Taggle should also support the users with digital features which revolve around project management. We want to take away the pain of manually counting elements in a column, keeping track of board flow, or annoying dialogues.

We want users to have fun managing a project. We want that people want to open their project management tool because it ✨ sparks joy ✨