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A modern board that inspires flow and communication. Taggle feels like a real whiteboard, but with all the benefits of a digital tool.
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The Kanban tool that feels like a real whiteboard but with all the benefits of a digital tool.

Truly Visualize your Relations

Taggle allows you to track your dependencies and then visualize them on your board in a network-like structure. See your relations like you've never seen them before

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Handle Blockers

Visualize and track blockers prominently for everybody on the board. It feels just like sticking a big red note on a whiteboard.

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Manage Work in Progress

Easily define WIP-Limits for each step in your process to optimize flow. Taggle doesn't block people from pulling cards into a column that is already full, like on a real whiteboard. However, the column will get a big red border so everybody sees there's a bottleneck.

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Collaborate in Real Time

Work on your board together with your teammates and collaborate in real time while doing dailies or other meetings.

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Track Metrics with Minimum Effort

Taggle enables you to easily keep track of Kanban metrics. Configuring them for your individual processes takes no more than a minute.

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