Changelog and Upcoming Features

Currently in progress: Board Building Blocks (Templates) and a Dark Theme

27th of January

Features πŸ†•

🌠 Image Cards:

Taggle just became a little more colorful with Image Cards. With Image Cards you can set an attachment as the image of a card which then will be displayed on the board itself. You can see an example of this down below

Image Cards

Screenshot 2023 02 07 at 09.49.55

27th of October

Features πŸ†•

🧼 List Columns:

This is probably the biggest feature we've built since we started Taggle back in 2020. Taggle now offers a new Board Element called List Columns. Right now, they can only be as wide as a single card, but they are automatically sorted! What does this mean?
If you drag a card into a column it will automatically be re-sorted. If you remove a card from a column, all other elements will fill up the columns space and the column will resize itself. You probably know this behavior from other tools :)

Bugfixes & Improvements 🐞

  • We've made some improvements on the /myboards page and it should be muuuch faster now

14th of April

Features πŸ†•

βœ… Checklists:

You can now add checklists to your card right in the description of a card. You can either select them through the β˜‘ Button in the editor or using the markdown syntax ([ ] / [x]). Adding checkboxes to a card will add a new indicator in the detail view as well as on the board!

πŸ”” Notifications

We enhanced the Notifications we released last month! You can now see the number of notifications as a number in the small circle next to the card

🎨 Swimlane Colors

You can now change the color of a swimlane in the edit menu of the swimlane additionally to the context menu!

❓ Board Help & Shortcuts

We moved the live chat bubble into a new menu that is exactly at the same position in the bottom right of your board. Additionally to the live chat you have the chance to open a overview of all shortcuts in Taggle (and you can search through them πŸ‘€)

Bugfixes & Improvements 🐞

  • We made some performance improvements and using Taggle should feel snappier than ever
  • We fixed the detail view of cards in the archive where it was possible to mutate the card even though it was archived
  • Copying a card will now create a new Created event in the history
  • Redoing a deletion of a card will also bring back the original history

22nd of March

Features πŸ†•

πŸ”— Links:

Links allow you to reference cards with each other to manage relations between cards. But the coolest fact about this feature is that you can visualize the links on the board like a web of relations πŸ•ΈοΈ . You can learn more about them here

πŸ”” Notifications

We enhanced the Notifications we released last month! You can now see the number of notifications as a number in the small circle next to the card

⌨️ Copy & Paste

If you paste or duplicate elements, they will be selected so you can move them instantly

🏁 Asignees

If you click the assignee list without typing anything you will be prompted with a list of potential users.

5th of Feburary

Features πŸ†•

πŸ”” Notifications:

You now receive in-app notifications if something important happens on your board. You get mentioned in a comment? The card will be highlighted with a small blue indicator at the top right corner. But you can also read an overview of all your notifications in the notification inbox right next to the share button on the board πŸŽ‰ 

✌️ New Gestures

Using Taggle on a Laptop has never been easier before! You can now zoom using a pinch gesture 🀏 and pan the board using two fingers

πŸš„ Board Movement

If you drag any element near the border of a board, Taggle will start moving the board in that direction. This should marking working on a bigger board much easier!

🐞 Bugfixes

  •  There were some cases that elements have been duplicated while collaborating with others on a board.

14th of January

Features πŸ†•

Taggle MobileπŸ“±

While we believe that Taggle works best on a Laptop or Desktop, we also think that checking in on your process on the go is super handy. That's why we made Taggle mobile-ready. Simple open up Taggle in your mobile browser and enjoy!

Mentions οΌ 

You can now mention your fellow Taggle users in the comments and the description of a card. If you mention them, they will receive an email! 

New Font πŸ”€

Taggle has a new font! We chose Lexend Deca because it's much easier to read, even if zoomed out and it also looks quite funky - just like Taggle itself

Bugfixes & Improvements 🐞

  • When you pan the board, live cursors will move with it
  • You can close the detail view using Esc
  • You can select multiple cards by pressing ctrl + click

5th of November

Features πŸ†•

New mouse modes πŸ–±οΈ

To provide the best possible user experience, we have revised our mose modes. You now have access to a 'Move' tool, with which you can interact with elements on the board and a 'Hand' tool, which you can use to navigate through the board.

Multiselect snapping πŸ“Œ

Selections of elements can now also be snapped to the grid. With this, arranging your board elements is easier than ever!

Bugfixes & Improvements 🐞

  • Editing a blocker will now throw an event in the history
  • Minor display fixes

22nd of October

Features πŸ†•

Customize your cards 🎨

In order to provide you with a better look and feel, you can now change the color of a card from its detail view. This way, you can completely customize your card during creation.

Extended snapping πŸ“Œ

Snapping to the grid now also works when creating and resizing elements on the board. Should you wish to move elements freely, you can still disable snapping in the settings.

Bugfixes & Improvements 🐞

  • The search index now also includes blockers of cards
  • Fixed some display issues

14th of October

Features πŸ†•

Keep up to date πŸ“…

We are constantly improving yokanban and working towards building the best Kanban tool available. To do so, we need to gather feedback from our users. If you wish to help us in that regard, you can now give us permission to contact you.

Bugfixes & Improvements 🐞

  • You can now use Ctrl + leftclick on a board in 'My Boards' to open it in a new tab
  • Rightclicking on a board in 'My Boards' gives you new context options
  • The demo board is not created twice anymore
  • Fixed some display issues

13th of September

Features πŸ†•

Shortcuts ⏩

You're already familiar with yokanban by now, but you want to do everything a bit faster? Now you can! With shortcuts you are able to create board elements in record time directly wherever you are on the board. If you want to know which shortcuts there are available, just hover over the items in the command palette at the top of the board.

More actions on board overview πŸ–₯

In addition to the new duplicate feature that came in last release, there are now a lot more options for the context menu on the board overview. You are now able Open, Share, Rename or even Delete your Board right away in this view. This makes it a lot easier to manage your boards without having to search for every setting.

Bugfixes & Improvements 🐞

  • You are now redirected after login if you open a URL when you are not yet logged in
  • Cookie disclaimer is now a little bit more prominent and not hidden behind the command palette anymore 
  • Fixed some internal error handling issues

3rd of September

Features πŸ†•

Reworked adding of Board Elements πŸ–±

We felt like it's time for a change! Adding elements like cards or stickies to the board now feels a lot more intuitive. With the new version of yokanban they can swiftly be dragged directly to wherever they're supposed to be as soon as you add them.

Clone boards πŸ“‹

Wether you have a template board you want to share with multiple teams, or just try out some new stuff without breaking your main board - you are now able to duplicate your boards from within the board overview with a single click. Even more board actions are coming soon!

Bugfixes & Improvements 🐞

  • Registering or logging in with your Google account is now more prominent and accessible
  • Updating the board preview now only happens when there actually are changes on your board
  • Some bugs related to the board metric data export have been fixed
  • Closing the card detail view with ESC is now possible again
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in an error when clicking on a board share link under specific circumstances

13th of August

Features πŸ†•

Improved Text Editor πŸ“

Better Usability, Highlights, Links, and a new fresh Look! These are just some of the features we added with our new WYSIWYG editor in the card details. Be sure to try it out in the new version of yokanban!

Bugfixes & Improvements 🐞

  • You are now able to delete your Google Account as well as accounts that were created with an email address
  • It's possible to edit comments again
  • Fixed an issue that lead to the demo board not being created at account creation
  • Creating an account that is linked to a Google account doesn't result in a server error anymore
  • The confirm dialog for unsaved changes now only shows up, when there actually are changes in the card details

12th of July

Features πŸ†•

Board Search πŸ”

This is one of our most awaited features. You are now able to search for cards on the board. Simply press ctrl + k (or ⌘ + k if you are using a Mac) and the board search will shop up. You can then enter text which is either the title of the card or in the description.

Community Discord πŸŽ‰

Yokanban now has an official Discord Server. Make sure to join the server to get notifications about the latest features or if you want to get in touch with our team

Bugfixes & Improvements 🐞

  • Our EmojiPicker just got much faster and cooler looking!
  • Fixed a bug that yokanban wouldn't resize itself when the browser got resized
  • The archive search got much faster!

16th of June

Features πŸ†•

Redesign πŸ–Œ

With this update, we improved the look and feel of cards on the canvas! Now you can see if a card has comments or attachments right on the board without having to open it.

Along the way the export metrics also got a fresh touch, to integrate more seamlessly into the existing UI.

Bugfixes & Improvements 🐞

  • Email notifications now link directly to the relevant card instead of the board
  • Notifications about new comments already display them in the email now

11th of June

Bugfixes & Improvements 🐞

  • The card history now shows more events (like who created a card)
  • When sharing the board with someone, they now get a notification email
  • Improved error messages
  • Image attachments now open in a new tab
  • Users who reacted to a comment are now shown
  • Notifications will now pop up from the bottom of the screen

4th of June 2021

Features πŸ†•

Element Links πŸ”—

all elements which live on the board in yokanban now have a unique and sharable URL which allows you to send links to your friends and coworkers which lead them directly to the element you want to.

Bugfixes & Improvements 🐞

  • Attachments can now be dropped everywhere in the detail view of cards

25th of May 2021

Features πŸ†•

CSV Export πŸ“‘

Do you want to know how your team is performing? To further increase the possibilities to measure and evaluate metrics in yokanban!, we are now offering the possibility to download all card movements on your board to a CSV file. This feature is in BETA right now and therefore subject to change a little in the future. 

Feel free to contact us if you think we missed out on some important features!

Bugfixes & Improvements 🐞

  • WIP Limits can now be reset
  • Context-Menu in Card-Details is now enabled
  • Fixed multiple issues regarding (multi-)selection of cards in several scenarios

19th of May 2021

Features πŸ†•

Email Notifications πŸ“«

As there was no way to stay informed about changes to a card you might be interested in, we've now added the option to receive notifications via email. Strictly Opt-In of course!
No longer miss when your card is dragged around the board or somebody comments on it.

Service Accounts πŸ€–

Do you hate adding cards by hand? Good news: Now you can create service accounts in your account settings to utilize the full power of our CLI. If you're interested, check out our GitHub repository below and start automating right away!

Bugfixes & Improvements 🐞

  • Attachments are no longer downloaded with a technical ID
  • Opening an archive containing references to old users no longer results in an error
  • Indented lists are now shown correctly while editing texts
  • Selecting text on a card no longer opens the editor
  • Emoji picker is now opening to the top when there's not enough space
  • The escape key now closes the card details correctly even after editing the content of the card

17th of May 2021

Features πŸ†•

Search Archive πŸ”Ž

In the past the archive was a way to clean up your board without losing valuable info saved to the cards. As your archive was growing it was getting harder to find the card you were looking for: Not any more. From now on you are free to just search for any archived card by text!

Bugfixes & Improvements 🐞

  • Long attachment filenames no longer break the UI
  • Blocker creation allows for directly typing the topic
  • Improved swagger documentation of the public API

7th of May 2021

Features πŸ†•

Attachments πŸ“Ž

You can now add Attachments to cards in the card detail view! Attachments are the easiest way of sharing related images and documents with your team right in yokanban!

5th of May 2021

Features πŸ†•

Emoji Reactions for Comments 😎

As you might know it from other tools you can react with emojis to comments on cards from now on. You can even utilize this feature you have a small poll in the cards comments section. We love this new feature!

Bugfixes & Improvements 🐞

  • The board preview had problems with displaying blockers. Now this is fixed!

3rd of May 2021

Features πŸ†•

CSV Import πŸ“Ž

You can now import .csv files to yokanban! This allows you to create new Cards from the entries of that file. All those new Cards will be created into a column of your choice. This feature can be found on the settings page of each board.

Signup via Email βœ‰οΈ

Users are now able to sign up to yokanban! using email and password. This means users now have the choice between signing up using their Google account or their own email.

Live Chat πŸ’¬

We added a live chat integration that allows users to directly talk to our team and ask questions or send feedback. The live chat is available on all pages and can be found on the bottom right.

Absolute dates on hover πŸ“…

yokanban! normally displays all dates in a human-readable sentence (e.g. 3 days ago). While this is really easy to digest it is not precise. Therefore we added the option to display the absolute date a little tooltip when hovering over the relative date.

Bugfixes & Improvements 🐞

  • Elements no longer snap in different positions when they get resized
  • Trying to close the card detail view when writing a comment needs confirmation first
  • All avatars are displayed properly in the comment section
  • Saving an empty comment no longer causes an error
  • You can save the title of a bookmark instantly

21st of April 2021

Features πŸ†•

Card comments ⌨️

Users are now able to create, edit and delete comments in cards. This feature can be found in the detail view of a card where the history was. The history got moved to a tab next to the comments.

15th of April 2021

Features πŸ†•

Search bar for emoji picker πŸ”

You are now able to search for emojis when selecting an emoji for columns and swimlanes.

New blocker color layout βœ‹

Blockers now have different colors depending on the color of the card they are attached to! This means yokanban! is even more colorful now!

Assign to me βœ”οΈ

You are now able to quickly assign yourself to a card where you are not already assigned to. You can either press awhen selecting a card or chooseAssign to me in the context menu.

Add OpenAPI specs to yokanban! API πŸ“‘

yokanban!'s public API now follows the OpenAPI specs and allows the creating of service accounts to use the API

11th of April 2021

Features πŸ†•

Emoji picker for columns and swimlanes πŸ˜„

You can now select an emoji for columns and swimlanes which will be displayed next to the title of the column or swimlane. The picker can be found in the detail view of a column or swimlane.

/boards API route πŸ“‘

The new/boardsroute allows users to retrieve all of their boards which they own or are invited to.

New API scope: "user.bookmark" πŸ“˜

This new API scope grants API clients access to the /user/bookmarks route and allows the manipulation of bookmarks.

29th of March 2021

Features πŸ†•

Board BookmarksπŸ“˜

You can now create Bookmarks on Boards. Bookmarks offer a way to locally save certain positions on boards for later. You can give bookmarks names and always jump back to that position. Bookmarks are accessible from the toolbar on the bottom left of the board.

Service Accounts πŸ”

You can now create service accounts with a public-private-key pair following the OAuth specification to access the yokanban! CLI and API

17th of March 2021

Features πŸ†•

Card Duplication

You can now duplicate board elements like cards, notes, columns, and swimlanes using the keyboard shortcutctrl + d

February 2021

Features πŸ†•

Kanban Metrics πŸ“Š

Users are now able to generate metrics from their work on yokanban! We start with two kinds of metrics:

  1. Throughput
    The throughput measures the number of cards that reached a user-selected column in a user-selected time span
  2. Average Cycle Time
    The average cycle time measures the time that a card needs from the start to the end column. Both columns are selected by the user

Rich Text Editors for Textareas ✍️

The card description now has a brand-new editing experience with our new what-you-see-is-what-you-get editor, making styling and formatting the description as easy as it gets.

Bugfixed & Improvements 🐞

  • When closing the detail view while editing text yokanban! will ask you if you want to close the detail view without saving
  • A lot of UX improvements

January 2021

Features πŸ†•

Swimlanes 🏊

You can now create swimlanes as an addition to columns. Swimlanes allow a horizontal separation of columns to create even more structured workflows with yokanban!.

Element Locking πŸ”’

Users are now able to lock columns and swimlanes. Locking an element causes them to not be draggable anymore until they are unlocked again.

Archive πŸ—„οΈ

You are now able to archive cards. Archiving the card doesn't delete it, but rather puts it in a safe space where you can access them later and put them back to the board if needed.

Blockers βœ‹

Users are now able to add blockers to a card. Blockers are a visual hint that a card is blocked for a reason which can be specified. Blockers can be resolved, re-opened and deleted.

Bugfixes & Improvements 🐞

  • It is now easier to select columns
  • Every time a user is assigned or unassigned on a card it will be reflected in the card's history
  • Design improvements
  • Live features like cursors and the list of online users is more stable
  • Users can now upload custom avatar images

April 2020 - December 2020

  • Start of the project 
  • Infrastructure setup
  • Implementation
  • GoLive

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