Create your first Space

How It Works

  • 1

    Create Account

    After creating your account you will be greeted with an overview of all your boards. To get started we have already created a demo board for you 🤗 . You can also create a new one by clicking Create new Board

    Screenshot 2021 12 03 at 12.06.51
  • 2

    Create your first Element

    At the top of the screen, you will find a toolbar that allows you to create new elements which will then be added to your board. Start by creating a new Column

    Screenshot 2021 12 03 at 12.08.41
  • 3

    Rename the column

    After you drop the column on your board, you will be prompted to give the Column a name. This can be changed afterward so don't worry too much.

    Screenshot 2021 12 03 at 12.12.03
  • 4

    Create a simple workflow

    Now repeat this step two more times. You could name those Columns Todo, Doing and Done to create a simple Workflow

    Screenshot 2021 12 03 at 12.14.16
  • 5

    Create a Card

    Now it's time to add a Card. Think of Cards as little tasks in your workflow. Drop the Card in your Todo Column to show that this needs to be done

    Screenshot 2021 12 03 at 12.15.57
  • 6

    Open the Details

    Hover over the three lines in the bottom left of the card and then click Show Details to open the Card detail view.

    Screenshot 2021 12 03 at 12.17.07
  • 7

    Let's get into the Details

    Now you can see the Card details. In this dialog, you can change the title, add a description, upload attachments, add comments, change the color of the Card, assign yourself, and much more

    Screenshot 2021 12 03 at 12.20.30


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