Visualize Your Dependencies

Use Links to connect cards to get a big picture overview. Bring structure to your projects through visual collaboration.

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See the Big Picture

Taggle allows you to visually display all relations right on the board. So you can actually track the progress without searching for tasks

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Track your Dependencies in just 3 Steps

Creating a Link between two Cards in Taggle is intuitive and easy. All you need is to choose the type of the relationship and another cards. That's it 🔥

  • 1

    Open the Link Search

    You can easily create a Link through the Context Menu or the Detail View

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  • 2

    Search for the Card to Link to

    Using the Link Search you can easily search for elements using their title or description

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  • 3

    See the magic 🪄

    After you created a Link you can display all Links on the board. This will result in a network-like structure which makes it super easy to really understand how your workflow behaves

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